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Robert Edward Miller was born in Alsea, Oregon, U.S.A. on March 27, 1917. He is the son of Dr. Buford Charles Miller, a Baptist minister, who came into the full gospel message through the ministry of the well known Aimee Semple McPherson. He was used by the Lord in the healing ministry with Dr. Charles S. Price and pioneered many large churches with his team of young people in Southeastern Oregon.

After his father’s untimely death, R. Edward Miller, at the early age of 11, spent ten years working on the farm of his aunt and uncle. Separated from his peers and locked into long hours of farm labor, he learned to pray. His Bible was his companion. One day, while working in the fields, he had an encounter with God and a genuine conversion.

Attending Bible College in Southern California, he again experienced the Presence of the Lord like he had as a child in the field on the farm. During his college years, there were many days when classes were suspended, because the Holy Spirit visited them. During these days of prayer and seeking God, he was challenged to some day go to the mission field.

While attending Bible College in Southern California, he met his future wife Eleanor Francis. After Bible College, he took up his first pastorate among the Chiloquin Indians in Chiloquin, Oregon. After this, he then moved to Bandon, Oregon to pastor his second church.

Years later “The Haven of Rest” and the “Crew of the Good Ship Grace” (a radio broadcast) financially sponsored the Millers, enabling them to go to South America to answer the call of God to become missionaries in a foreign land. On their way to South America, the ship was detained in Puerto Rico due to the United State’s involvement in the war with Japan. They remained in Puerto Rico for a couple of years, ministering evangelisticaly and in several churches. After this time, they continued on down to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capitol city, where they ministered for several years in tent evangelism and pioneered a full gospel church. Dr. Miller then moved down to Argentina, which, unknown to him, was to become his “life work.”

In the fall of 1948, he went to Mendoza, Argentina at the foot of the South American Andes Mountains. There, tired of “church as usual”, he set himself apart to intensely seek the Lord for 8 hours every day. He had to discover for himself, the same power that he had seen in other ministries and churches as a child. After several months, his prayers were answered and he experienced a dynamic encounter with God. Shortly afterward, a move of the Holy Spirit broke out in the church which he was pastoring. (The story of the moving of the Holy Spirit in Mendoza is related in his book, “Secrets of the Argentine Revival”).

He spent many years in Argentina as a missionary, ministering in crusades as an evangelist and witnessing many supernatural miracles and conversions. He not only pioneered several churches, but traveled to many churches throughout the country where spontaneous visitations of God would break forth. He founded a Bible School in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, where for several years there was an unusual move of the Holy Spirit and a manifestation of God’s Presence. Many of the students went on to serve the Lord, founding churches in many provinces of the country.

Dr. Miller also began an orphanage for abandoned children, which became very well known in the city of Mar del Plata. By faith, God brought in offerings to construct all the buildings.

The Millers remained in Argentina until 1974, strengthening the Peniel churches and working with their sons, Robert and John, and adopted daughter Annie.

The Holy Spirit had spoken to the Millers, telling them that they were to go forth to churches in various other nations to strengthen their faith for an onward move into the purposes of God. So in March 1974, they left the work in Argentina to move into a larger harvest field. For the next six and one-half years they traveled around the world several times, ministering in numerous countries, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

In 1980 they returned to the United States, where God directed them to begin a work in Atlanta, Georgia. With a small group of about a dozen hungry believers, Peniel Bible Assemblies began with prayer and bible studies in one of the homes. As God began to sovereignly draw others to the fellowship from neighboring areas, as well as from other states and countries.  It was necessary to find a larger place to meet, as the number of those desirous of moving into the purposes of God continually increased. Eventually, property was purchased and a church built to seat 700 people, which soon was filled. A tremendous move of the Spirit of God took place during the years of 1986 to 1994. Too numerous to mention here, are the countless testimonies of those who had life-changing encounters with God as He manifested His Presence, Glory and power.

Once again the Millers felt led to travel overseas. This time most of their efforts were spent ministering in Taiwan and Malaysia. The impact of God’s sovereign move through their ministry there, lasted for many years, with thousands of lives changed. So much so, that China’s “eternal First Lady” Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, asked to have an interview with Dr. Miller. She also had him flown to her private residence to pray for one of her family members.

Dr. R. Edward Miller has authored a number of books and has an extensive library of audio messages, which continue to minister to many around the world. His rich insight into the Scriptures and the Presence of God in his personal life, have brought spiritual awakening and enrichment to many who have desired a deeper walk with God.

In their final years, Dr. Miller and his wife Eleanor returned to Argentina, where God called both of them to their eternal home with Himself.

Robert A. Miller was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 22, 1945. He is the eldest son of Dr. R. Edward and Eleanor Francis Miller, who were on their way to Argentina as missionaries, when Robert was born. While only a few months of age, he contracted rheumatic fever, which left his heart with a mitro-valve prolapse. As a small child he attended a crusade where he was prayed for by Evangelist/Prophet William Branham, and by God’s grace, he was made whole.

At the early age of five, Robert saw the outpouring of the Holy Spirit under his father’s ministry in a small church in Mendoza, Argentina. At age seven, he was present for the 1952 angelic visitation, with times of deep intercession at the Bible School in City Bell, Argentina. There, the angel foretold of a nationwide revival that was to soon come. In 1954 those promises were fulfilled through Evangelist Tommy Hicks. The story of this revival is written by his father, Dr. R. Edward Miller, in his book, “Secrets of the Argentine Revival.”

During his childhood, Robert would often go with his father to the healing crusades. There, he would sit on the platform and watch his father praying for the sick, diseased and dying. He witnessed untold numbers of miracles night after night. The paralyzed would leap up and walk, the blind would see, deaf ears would be opened and demon possessed people would be set free.

Saved by the grace of God at an early age and filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 14, Robert began to minister as a translator for foreign missionaries in Argentina. In 1961 he went to Bethany Bible College (6820 Auto Club Rd., Minneapolis, MN), graduating in 1964.

He began to pastor his first church in Walport, Oregon, and was there for one year. He was then led by the Holy Spirit back to Argentina, where he taught in a Bible School in Mar del Plata for his father and also worked there with the children in the orphanage.

Shortly thereafter, he founded and was Pastor of a church there called “Peniel” (Face of God – Gen. 32:30). During those years, a precious move of God broke out among the Bible School students. Heavenly worship, deep repentance, cleansing, spiritual warfare and intercession were a daily occurrence. The Bible School and Church experienced a tremendous, unforgettable move of God’s Spirit, where the Lord awesomely manifested His Glory and Presence during untold hours of worship. Month after month, the services continued each day, and would last until four o’clock in the morning. People would go straight to work without sleep for weeks at a time (supernaturally sustained by God). It would take volumes to write of all the wonderful experiences, healings, miracles and deliverances that took place during those years. There was such conviction and repentance, with many being converted and filled with the Holy Spirit. Nearly everyone experienced God in an open, transparent, face to face relationship in the light of His manifested Glory and Presence. Many of the students attending “Peniel” during those years are serving the Lord Jesus and in the ministry today.

The Lord instructed Robert to return to the United States in 1974. He was ordained at The King’s Temple by Pastor Charlotte Baker and continued ministering throughout the USA in many churches until 1976.

Robert, again led by the Lord, returned to Argentina — this time to the capital city of Buenos Aires, taking over a struggling church. By the grace of God, this work blossomed. Again, the Lord visited the people in extraordinary ways during those unforgettable years. How wonderful it was also to have Prophetess Ruth Heflin ministering at conferences. A group of about 25 young people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus, and joined the youth training school that had just begun. It was hard to envision at that time that all but one of these students would be serving the Lord and in the ministry.

The church continued to grow, and purchased land in a central location in the Capital city of Argentina and later built a lovely sanctuary on it, with the help and oversight of Beto Pagano, a church member, businessman and contractor.

Also, during these years, a “Quinta” (lovely park area) was purchased out in the country. A portion of this property was subdivided into lots and sold to people in the church, who built their houses and now live there as a Christian Community. A youth camp facility was also begun. What tremendous encounters with God, the children, young people and counselors have experienced on those campgrounds!

Yet another part of this “Quinta” property was later developed into a conference center, with the capacity for 3,000 people, under the leadership of Robert’s brother John Miller who took over the work in 1984.

In July 1983, Robert moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to help his father who was pastor of a new church he had pioneered. Ministering together, the church grew to over 600 people. God drew people to this church from various states and from other nations (Taiwan, Australia, South America, etc).

A powerful move of the Holy Spirit, later called the “fire move”, broke out in this church, during the years they were pastors together, which lasted several years. Ministers and laypeople from many parts of the world came to the conferences and would ‘catch’ the fire and take it back with them to their churches. Again, it would take volumes to relate the accounts of this move of God’s Spirit during those years in Atlanta, but we will share just a few highlights.

Such were the manifestations of power and fire, that some would literally see the flames as lightning bolts. Some could actually feel this intense heat of the flames upon their bodies. While many, because of fear, could not stand the intensity of the Holy Spirit manifesting this way, countless others who did not yield to their fears and close their hearts, were given open visions and transported into the world of the Spirit, for hours at a time. People would call these experiences “virtual reality”, for many of them were still conscious of this world, while in the spirit world. Many were transported in vision to Heaven or hell and would describe the things they both saw and experienced, totally unaware that they were speaking in this world where others could hear or witness what they were describing. Most everyone experienced the crucifixion of Jesus in a very personal way, and were then brought into a life changing love relationship with Him.

Many experienced fire on their bodies and would cry out in repentance of the hidden sins in their lives. Many were given to identify themselves with the Cross of Christ, as if they were the ones who had killed Him. (Acts 2:23 …”you have taken by lawless hands, have crucified and put to death.”) Then after this experience, the Lord would reveal to them His overwhelming love and mercy, letting them know that they had not taken His life, but that He had willingly given it on their behalf, so they were completely forgiven. Impossible to describe, the depth of gratitude and worship that poured out of these lives, as tears bathed their faces and the radiance of God’s love and glory lit their countenances.

A classic example of those taken to Heaven in a vision is the experience of a Taiwanese woman, who for many years had lived in condemnation and torment over a past abortion. In one of these meetings, while under the power, she was taken to Heaven. A beautiful teenage Chinese girl came to meet her with a joyful, radiant face, calling her, “mother.” She told her mother, among many other things, “I love you and forgive you. Please don’t suffer anymore, because I’m happy here in Heaven and I love being with Jesus.” This woman came back from this experience so radically set free, that she has never more been plagued by those condemning torments. Unforgettable for sure were the experiences that all who were there encountered. That fire spread to many churches in different countries, including Argentina, Canada, England, Holland, Panama and the United States.

A few years later, Robert was invited to minister in the country of Panama, which turned out to be an incredible visitation of the Lord. The services were aired live over radio waves throughout Panama. Then the calls began pouring into the radio stations, telling of supernatural things God was doing while people were listening to the live services in progress. An architect who was driving on his way home, was listening to this service, when the sense of God’s Presence became so strong in his vehicle, he had to pull over on the shoulder of the road, no longer able to drive, because he was crying uncontrollably. He had been backslidden for some time and the Lord restored him back to Himself right there.

Another account was of a Christian manager of a factory who was on her lunch break. She was listening to the service over the radio and began to weep uncontrollably. She then fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. When other operators saw what had happened through the window into her office, they went in to see what was taking place and upon hearing the radio message, they too fell under the power of the Spirit. Everyone in the factory spontaneously broke into tears, dropping everything and God began to move among them.

Another report was of a pastor and his wife from the interior of the country who could not be at the conference, and had said that as they were listening to the message over the radio waves, they clasped hands around a coffee table and began to pray, when suddenly they were slain under the power of the Holy Spirit and fell on the floor weeping. There were reports about several other people who from their homes reported the same phenomena. Truly, God had come and was calling His people to Himself.

Robert has been privileged to minister in many countries. By the year 1995, he had ministered in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, the United States, Canada, South Africa, England, Holland, Spain. He traveled also to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Israel, Greece,  and Wales. Countless people’s lives have been transformed as they encounter the reality of Jesus Christ. Robert is a spiritual father to pastors and leaders in several countries (edifying, encouraging, exhorting, imparting his gifts and anointing to the next generation).

In July of 2001, Robert went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to be with his father until Nov. 1, 2001, at which time the Lord took Dr. R. Edward Miller home to Glory. Robert and Deborah then returned to Georgia, in the United States. They also have an outreach in Argentina for some of the poorest and neediest children. Thousands of dollars every year are sent to feed and clothe the children who gather together at the new “Quinta” outside of Mar del Plata, which was purchased in 2005. Already the miraculous provisions of God for the poor and less fortunate of that area, are too numerous to mention. Many are coming to know Jesus as their Savior and are baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit, as a result of this outreach that is under the direction of Daniel and Ines Kloster (Facebook: Hogar Comedor Brazos Abiertos).

Passionate for God, Robert often ministers in the prophetic psalmist anointing, where the Heavens open and the manifested Presence of God fills congregations with the sense of God’s heavenly glory. People meet God face to face and those encounters transform their lives for eternity.