Revivals I Have Known Part 1 & 2

This is a series of sermons on the Revivals Dr. Miller has witnessed.

In his simple but thought provoking way, Dr. Miller shares in two sermons given while in Brentwood England, on the seven revivals he has had the privilege of being in.

He also tells of several personal accounts in his life, as well as stories of many other men and women of God. These messages reveal treasures of the past workings of God in human lives.

About the Speaker:

Dr. R. Edward Miller was a missionary in Argentina for over 25 years, and later traveled extensively ministering in over 65 countries. His ministry was characterized by his wealth of spiritual insight into the Scriptures and profound knowledge of the ways of God through his experiences in major revivals throughout his 60 years of ministry . The presence of God in his personal life and the anointing of the Holy Spirit manifested in his meetings, have brought countless people in touch with the reality of God.

On November 1st 2001, Dr. Miller went home to be with his Lord and Savior, leaving a legacy of spiritual secrets and treasures.