Account of The Move of God In Panama.

Trust this will be a blessing to you as it has to many others.

After coming back from Panama, I felt led to write the whole account of what had taken place in Panama City Panama in 1992.

Our church intercessors in Atlanta, had been praying for us while we were there and I felt I should give a report on the things the Holy Spirit had done while we were there.

So shortly afterward in a Sunday service, I spoke using the notes I had written, but only shared the highlights as it would have taken too long.

Towards the end of the service, we were singing a new song I had brought back from Panama entitled: “You Gave Me Life On Earth”. Without warning, the Holy Spirit began manifesting His power and conviction.

Most of the congregation had been standing, but one by one they began to fall. Some in the isles, others back into their chairs, some in very awkward positions. By the end, only a few of us on the platform were left standing. All the rest lie prostrate crying and praying in a loud voice. This lasted over an hour and a half before quieting down, and returning more to normal.