Benefits Of Being Thankful

Benefits Of Being Thankful

In the first message,  we teach on the importance of being thankful and having a grateful Spirit. We live in a world where children are rarely taught to be grateful and give thanks for favors given.

Now this thankless attitude has escalated into one of entitlement, where even adults feel that so much is owed them for nothing in return.

Praise and grateful thanksgiving is required of us in the scriptures by our Loving Father, as He definitely does not encourage an entitlement attitude.

God knows the many benefits waiting to be given to those with humble and grateful hearts, and in the second message we share on the life of the prophet Daniel, and his spirit of thankfulness IN everything, which released to him great favor from a king of the world empire of their time.

One of the many benefits of having a grateful spirit, is that we feel undeserved favor was bestowed upon us, thus avoiding the crippling attitude of entitlement.

Those who have listened to these messages have left with a renewed desire to be of a grateful heart and give thanks IN everything, not necessarily FOR everything.