Christ’s Finished Works

This series is about the finished works of Christ.

The Finished Works of Christ is a series of messages exalting the works of Jesus on behalf of all those who believe in Him. The following verse describes so eloquently this truth:

Song of Solomon 2:3 “Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, So is my beloved [Jesus] among the young men! In his shade [his covering Righteousness] I took great delight and sat down [came to rest there]. And his fruit [His finished work on the cross] was sweet and delicious to my palate.” [Partaking of his finished work is inspiring, is delightful, is of great relief, gives hope and is faith building.]

The unthinkable righteousness of Christ bestowed to us by faith is outrageously wonderful. Jesus Christ is to be our all in all.

These messages strike a balance between God’s moral demands and His grace to fulfill them in our lives. It contrasts the difference between our works and that of Jesus.

At times it will seem as though the truths are too good to be true and at other times it will result in a healthy fear or respect of our awesome God.