Tabernacle of Moses

These are 6 messages on the furniture or items in the Tabernacle of Moses.

During the years of 1967-1969 while in Argentina, the Lord revealed prophetically many things concerning the restoration revivals of the past and future that were linked to the furniture in the Tabernacle of Moses. The Lord showed us that these pieces of furniture were signs revealing things that were to come. It wasn’t until 2013 that I was released to begin sharing these truths.

In this series of messages, secrets about the Tabernacle furniture will be revealed through several lenses:

1. As it was accomplished in the days of Moses.

2. As it is fulfilled in the works of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

3. As it takes place in the individual Christian believer.

4. As it is prophetically fulfilled in Church History revivals.

Each piece of furniture in the Tabernacle of Moses unveils glorious revelations of the Godhead, as well as bringing out many precious truths concerning ascending levels in a Christian’s spiritual development. These pieces of furniture, also reveal many restorative revivals and moves of the Spirit throughout history, and point to a major future revival just around the corner. You will not want to miss listening to these messages.