The New Versus The Old

“The New Versus The Old”

This series of 6 messages was taken from the Gospel of Luke chapter 5. It is about a visit Jesus made by special invitation to the house of a despised tax collector named Levi (Mathew) who desired to honor Him with a banquet dinner.

A large number of other tax collectors and sinner, joined by Jewish religious leaders like scribes and Pharisees, were also present.  Dr. Luke makes sure they are included in his account, because of the part each played in influencing the words and teachings of Jesus, at the banquet.

Eleven important  principles are taught from this account by Jesus. He used as examples, “new garment” and  “old garment” or “new wine” and “old wine” as well as  “new wine-skins” and “old wine-skins”.

The meaning to all of these things used as examples by Jesus, are brought out in this series of messages, but the thing that is made very clear, is that there could be no compromise.  In each of the things these examples represented, it was either the ‘New’ or the ‘Old’ there could be NO mixture!

Toward the end of the series, we reveal the similarities between “new revivals” and “old” ones. Also, between new “Holy Spirit manifestations” versus “old manifestations” that took place in past revivals.

As always, we trust these messages will bring light and understanding on very important subjects found in the Word of God.