Lowe Family

We would like to acknowledge our New Zealand friends, as they have been of great help and support for our website project.

From  left to right, meet the Lowe family: Dr. Matthew and his wife Dr. Helen with their son Jesse, in the middle Nathan and his wife Clara with their son Josiah, and daughters Hannah and Abigail, in the background, Dr. Daniel and brother Michael, then last but not least, on the far right Dr. Malcolm and Jenny Lowe.

Dr. Malcolm Lowe continues his medical work as General Practitioner, and after completing specialized medical studies, was a part time Primary Care Director with the hospital board.  Dr. Lowe also has experience in pastoral care, leading worship, counseling, preaching and has been in church leadership roles over the years. His first contact with the Millers was through our ministry’s tape library, which he also set up in New Zealand in 1993.

Jenny is a dedicated wife, mother and doting grandmother, who is also has a wonderful, caring hospitality ministry, opening their home to the church family for weekly and monthly activities. She is accomplished in accounting and administrative work as well. We call her “wonder woman”!

Nathan is now working as a Chief Financial Officer.  His church activities include running the young adult’s group and playing the drums, bass or keyboard in the worship services. He has also used his organizational skills to help run several church camps. In 2012, Nathan married Clara, a Speech Language Therapist, who works for the Ministry of Education helping young children with speech difficulties. Clara is a leader in the church worship team and also enjoys helping out with the children’s ministry.

Matthew is a doctor specialized as an Anesthesiologist, currently working in a hospital in south Auckland. He is also a worship leader and delights in creating his own music with his many electronic gadgets and accessories.  In 2015, Matthew married Helen, also a doctor who works in a hospital in Auckland. Helen is also a helper in the children’s ministry.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree from Auckland University and works as a teacher. He also has a part-time job assisting young disabled adults living in the community.

Daniel graduated from Auckland Medical School and is now a doctor.  He has shared his brothers’ sporting passion, having attended the World Junior Table Tennis championships in Morocco and India as a New Zealand representative. Daniel also plays the guitar in the worship team.  In front of Daniel is Christine.

A truly amazing family! Our heart-felt gratitude to our friends, the Lowe family, for all the many hours of help, converting sermons, audio books and videos from analog to digital, and for being a life changing extension of this ministry in New Zealand. Your financial support in funding our website project has been a tremendous blessing.  Thank you from our hearts!

May the Lord Jesus continue to richly bless your entire family!

Rev. Robert and Deborah Miller