Present Insolvency And Present Solvency

“Present Insolvency” and the sequel “Present Solvency”

In this First message “Present Insolvency” much is said about the moral and spiritual insolvency in much the modern church. This condition makes it very ineffective when trying to negotiate with God in a major crisis.

This message came at a time just before the 2020 national elections and very disturbing information was circulating about the integrity of it all. Much of the church turned to God in prayer and intercession for His mighty intervention in saving what was called, “The Soul Of America”.

The very constitutional core of our Union was at stake. A grim future outlook of communism persecuting conservatives and Christians was in sight. There was no doubt that the rule of constitutional law would be gone for good. The majority of church goers were already feeling the effect of totalitarian control through the ‘Covid’ virus, the forbidding of assembling, and all the Media censorship.

Under these conditions, believers at large were not in very good standing with God because of idolatry and departure from sound doctrine, as well as a lifestyle of self rule, and lose morals. Under these conditions, the church is trying to plead with God over this foreboding situation.

All is not lost, however, as there is a way of redeeming the situation by calling the church back to true repentance and change of lifestyle. These restore faith again and put the believer in right standing or solvent with God.

In the sequel message, entitled: “Present Solvency” we continue with the subject of moral and spiritual insolvency making it very ineffective when trying to negotiate with God in a major crisis.

This second message came a week later right on the heels of the 2020 national elections. Very disturbing information was circulating about the fraud committed, and the lack of integrity in the elections through mail in ballots. A storm of controversy ensued and faith in our electoral system plummeted.

But, the main part of this message is about being morally and spiritually solvent and the benefits this gives, when negotiating with God in the Crisis we were in.

Examples are given from the Bible of some Kings of Israel, and how they did what was right in the sight of the lord, destroying idols and seeking after God. They counted on a relationship with God and when they had their extreme crisis, they cried to the Lord and the Lord heard them and saved them from their impending destruction.

Keeping moral and spiritual solvency by an ongoing relationship with God, a life style of obedience and right living, is so important. No one is perfect, that is why we confess our sin and receive forgiveness from Jesus by His shed blood. But then we must let the Holy Spirit direct our life, and bring the changes needed so that we have confidence with God in our hour of need.