Rejection has been around for centuries, even the Bible records many instances of people who have been rejected.

Some people have been rejected by abusive fathers or mothers, others by sisters, brothers, friends or fellow Christians.

In all cases, people experience the emotional suffering that is caused by rejection. The way people react to this pain is different one from another.

The good news is that God give His people grace to overcome the effects of rejection when it is first inflicted.

If the wound is not allowed to be infected with bitterness, resentment, anger, hatred, self-pity or an ongoing demonic “spirit of rejection”, it will heal readily.

There is even more good news in that all these reactions to the pain of rejection, can be brought to the cross and an afflicted person can find forgiveness and healing for the reactions to the hurting circumstances.

Truth must come in order to discover the power that God has given us to cast out the demonic spirit called “rejection”.

These spirits cause a person to relive the original act of rejection over and over again. They put the face of the individual and circumstances related to the event in the person’s mind and heart, in order to revisit the pain as if it was that person still doing it.

Once these demonic spirits are cast out, Divine healing is quick to follow, restoring one’s life to pain free overcoming victory!