Truths By Way Of Illustration

“Truths By Way of Illustrations”

One morning several very vivid scenes ran before me. I tried at first to dismiss them, but they insisted on playing out. The first one had to do with a family camping out in the woods, but it wasn’t until the next scene clearly played out before me by way of a vision, concerning Noah’s Ark perilously navigating VERY rough seas, that I was aware the Lord was communicating a message with me.

I went to my computer and wrote the details of both scenes as best as I could remember them. It was then, that the truths these scenes were illustrating were made clear to me, and this message is the outcome of the illustrated truths, of what happens when lives are out-of-control.

No one appreciates being in circumstances where they are out-of-control.

Noah and family were trapped during a storm of Biblical proportions, in a motor-less , rudderless ship over which they had NO control, NO visual references, and NO compass, for the better part of a year!

God supernaturally guided their ship, protecting them from all harm, and mooring their ship at the destination pre-ordained by Him.