Who Is God

Who Is God?

Many questions arise as to whether God Exist, and if so, what He is like, and even what the attributes assigned to Him might be.

One thing is certain, God does exists, despite the critics, the atheists, the agnostics and unbelievers.

The Bible states that God is Love, He is the fullness of Light, He is the very essence of Life, He is a consuming fire, among other things, but most importantly, He is a PERSON.

God breaths, He speaks, He hears, He sees, He thinks, He works, and much, much more. We humans can relate to Him and have communion with Him. We can speak to Him, love Him, hear Him, serve Him and follow His plan for our lives.

I will be sharing on the uselessness of asking the “WHY” questions, and the need to rather be inquiring who God is, for this takes intimacy. For the most part, people are only interested in knowing more about a person they are interested in, not a stranger.